Sweet, Sweet Mlle Cupcake

mlle-1The first all-cupcake bakery to open in Quebec City is Mlle Cupcake.  She touched my heart the second I bit into her creations; or was that my sweet tooth she touched…

Located in Sillery, on the corner of St-Michel and de Bergeville, Mlle offers a variety of flavours in an all nut/peanut-free environment. This alone wins my heart. Have I mentioned no artificial colours or flavours? Done. OH! and you can get gluten free too, you just have to ask. Talk about caring for your customers…

The best way to take advantage of Mlle Cupcakes’ baked goodies is to note the daily flavour from her website, because not all cupcakes are baked everyday. This way, you are certain to have it fresh out of the oven. Cupcake wise, it does not get better than this.

Thursdays and Saturdays are my favourite days; Key lime and vanilla/home-made sugar creme fondant. I am unable to eat a full cupcake at once, because the sugar rush is too intense (and coming from a sugar-addict like myself, its noteworthy!), and so I make two portions with each cupcake. But, sometimes, in the greyest of days, when Bridget Jones’ Diary is playing, I’ll have a whole cupcake to myself.

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    1. Foodie in Quebec City

      Jenny, I have. Unfortunately, every time I have been (5 times) the cupcakes where not fresh and the toppings way too dry and sweet. I feel like the cupcakes, as well as the recipes are stolen and directly copied (without success) from two of the best cupcake offers in town: Loukoum and Mlle.

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